Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wearing Handmade? We Want to Know What It Is!

Hi all. I've got a fun new way to share the handmade love on Twitter. I do a daily post called "Handmade What I'm Wearing". I do this for any handmade items I'm actually wearing or wish I was wearing for the day. I then use the #hmwim hashtag to create a Twitter search feed for it.

How To Use This To Your Advantage

1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Retweet my initial wim post with a link to the handmade item you're wearing that day.
3. Add in the #hmwim hashtag to your retweet.
4. Submit Tweet.

By doing this, we can share the link love for all handmade as well as get a glimpse into everyone's handmade wardrobe for the day! And by using the #hmwim hashtag, we can follow everyone's retweet. (And if you're a shop owner, feel free to retweet your own stuff. Google has started taking tweets into account so this will help your SEO!)

So, let's share some links and have some fun. Looking forward to your wim!

To learn more about the Twitter hashtag, see here:


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