Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conquer Creative Block in Uncommon Places: Using the "Rooms We Love" Tool

Bassett Furniture has this great new section on their site called "Rooms We Love." In it there's fully styled rooms that really help to get the creative juices flowing. It's great for any kind of artist's block.

Today's obsession? Blue & white! Can't you just imagine living here? Reminds me of an upscale beach house and lazy Sunday mornings roaming around barefoot. Ah, to live at the beach. Oh, and be rich... that too.

Here are some other loves...

Keaton Accent ChairDiscoveries Antique White Pie TableHathaway ShamGuilford Saw Horse DeskOttoman Strip Accent PillowBecall Table LampMarley MirrorWhite Coral SculptureHand Made Ceramic Trout5th Avenue Arm ChairNavy Plaid Accent Pillow

So give it a try! I'm off to find some linen pants to lounge in...

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