Monday, August 1, 2011

Where are your Etsy sales coming from?

So, by now you all should be aware that you NEED to get Google Analytics ("GA") running on your Etsy shop. If you haven't yet, see here. Also read this article on understand your traffic sources. In order to proceed with the rest of this article, you must have GA set up.

Ok. So you've got GA running and you're using my Google Analytics for Etsy tutorials to better interpret the data. Great. Today we're going to go over how to determine where your sales are coming from. And unfortunately, Etsy does not have the e-commerce feature turned on, so getting at this data is tricky and not 100%, but its the best we've got. So without further ado, here's how to figure out where your Etsy sales are coming from.

1. Log into Etsy and make a list of the items you sold and the dates they sold. Keep note of multiple items in one order.
2. Log into GA.
3. Adjust the date range to fit the first day in question. (We are working day-by-day.)
4. Click "Content" and then "Content by Title".
5. Find your first item sold that day & click the item's title.
6. On the next screen, click the drop-down box that says "None" and select "Source/Medium". You will now see all the possible sources that brought in the sale.
7. Look over the list. Any visit to the item that lasted only a couple seconds can be thrown out. Jot down the remaining sources.
8. Do this for your remaining sales. For sales of multiple items in one order, look for overlaps in traffic sources. Remove any that only delivered a view to one item.
9. Once you've done this for your full list, tally the sales per source. You should now have a rough list!

Now, I will say that this methodology is very crude. It assumes people buy on their first visits to your shop and it attributes the sale to the most recent source and rejects other previous sources. (i.e. found your shop through organic, favorited it, then came back directly and bought days later). BUT, it's the best there is and it should give you a trend, at least, to go by. Do this for a month or week at a time to get enough data. Then use the data to your advantage! And as usual, comment with questions!

Hope this helps!
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