Friday, October 28, 2011

Finding Home Design Elements in Unexpected Places

Using everyday and uncommon items in unexpected ways is a love of mine. I really enjoy seeing things re-purposed, whether it be for jewelry in my shop or jewelry for my home :) So when I saw this post on OhDeeDoh, I was all over it. And when I say them featuring Robert Ham's store fixtures, it was love. I have personally bought from Robert Ham before and not only are their prices the best, the have wonderful customer service and a great selection. I snagged the image OhDeeDoh put together, but I've also included some of my own favorites. And really, whether you own a virtual retail shop, a freestanding store, or just need some neat stuff for your home, try them first.

P.S. Robert Ham really does have a great rep. Check their Facebook page to see all the happy messages from their fans!

Image Provided by OhDeeDoh

My Current Favs

1. Twig Jewelry Stand, $24.95
2. Metal Counter Mirror, $19.95
3. Key Hook Set, $19.95
4. Acrylic Tile Snowflakes, $99 for Set of 10

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*Disclaimer: While I'm an enthusiastic fan of Robert Ham, they are also a web client of mine. However, they in no way sponsored this post. I'm writing today because I really do love them! They're great.

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