Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poll: What advertising has worked best for your handmade shop?

The enigmatic question for us handmade shop owners: What form of advertising works? Today I've set out to answer that question. Answer this quick poll and help us all advertise ourselves better!

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  1. One of my teams does quarterly print advertising with dues and Etsy grants.

  2. So far, word of mouth has been the best advertising for me!

  3. I tried to vote but it says I already have...strange because I've never visited your blog! Oh well. I would say being a vendor at craft shows has been the best advertising overall. I often hear from people after shows who saw something they liked and didn't buy at the time and also I get the most repeat business from people who have bought from me at a show.

  4. Yeah. This poll has been buggy. Going to choosing a different polling service next time. Thanks for posting your vote on the comments though!



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